social media management

With a keen eye for trends and an understanding of user behavior, we develop strategies that present your brand in an authentic way. From coming up with and scheduling engaging content to responding to the latest social media trends, we take the worries of social media management completely out of your hands, so you can focus on what you do best: growing your business. Customization is what we guarantee, because no one is like you!

What is social media management?

Social media management refers to actively managing and maintaining a brand’s presence on various social media platforms. It includes creating valuable content, responding to audience interactions, monitoring mentions of the brand and building a positive brand identity. The goal is to build a strong online community, increase follower engagement and promote a positive brand experience.


Whether it’s managing your social media platforms, creating online content, setting up targeted ad campaigns or analyzing data, we’re ready to take your brand to new heights. Together, we build a social media strategy that tells your story and connects people so that your brand stands out in the ever-changing digital landscape.

#1 Free strategy session

We always begin our collaboration with a free strategy session to gauge whether we can meet each other’s expectations and there is a match.

#2 Objectives & Strategy

Together we develop a strategy that fits your goals and target audience. Also consider determining which social media platforms are most appropriate and what types of content are best suited to your brand.

#3 Content creation

In our studio in Amsterdam or at a location of your choice, we create and devise engaging content with you that fulfills the content needs of your target audience. This can consist videos, photos infographics and more.

#4 Content planning and calendar

We post and schedule created content every month. For this, we create a clear content schedule. This ensures a consistent online presence. This step also includes setting up the systems and linking accounts.

#5 Community management

Throughout the strategy, you actively monitor and respond to comments, questions and posts from your followers. The goal is to keep the community engaged and generate positive interaction.

#6 Measuring & Optimizing

Every month we monitor and analyze the performance of the social media strategy using relevant statistics to ensure that the content we create connects with the target audience.