BYOU Marketing offers marketing workshops on demand. Ideal if you want to gain more knowledge to grow your business or already have marketing talents in-house and want to professionalize certain aspects of it like branding, social media, LinkedIn marketing etc. The workshops are completely customized. So do you want to focus specifically on Linkedin Marketing? Then you can! We offer the following workshops:

branding workshop

Want to take your business to the next level and put your brand on the map? Then our branding workshop is just what you need. Our experienced experts share the latest insights and strategies to make your brand stand out in a competitive marketplace. Learn how to convey consistent messages, develop strong brand positioning and tell your unique story.

deploy social media successfully

Want to learn how to use social media effectively to expand your reach, drive engagement and grow your business? Then our social media workshop is for you!

In this workshop, you will learn from experienced experts how to create catchy content, advertise strategically and build a loyal community. Whether you are a beginner or already experienced, we provide full customization that allows us to fulfill your specific needs. You may choose the platforms for this workshop that best suit your target audience.

content creation

Want to learn how to create engaging, catchy and effective content for your website, social media or other digital channels? Then join our interactive Content Creation Workshop!

During this workshop, our experienced content strategists will share their best tips and techniques for creating content that touches and engages your target audience. Think about creating effective Reels, video or static content. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to increase your online presence, a marketer looking for new inspiration, or just interested in content creation, this workshop is open to everyone.