content marketing

Are you struggling to meet your customers’ content needs? And are you no longer keeping up with the latest content trends? Then our experienced content creators can do something for you! After all, content online is the main means of connection between your brand and your target audience. With our strategic approach, we make sure your content stands out in the digital world by capitalizing on the latest trends. Whether it’s Tiktok videos, Informative Instagram carousels, video content, engaging social media updates or quality product content we understand what captivates your target audience and we deliver it.

Through content marketing, you increase your online reach and brand awareness.


A content strategy is unique to each brand. Some need product content and others benefit more from video content to gain brand trust. BYOU Marketing has years of experience shaping a successful content strategy and works with a team of experienced content creators who can work with you to make it happen. With measurable results, we closely monitor performance and adjust strategy for even better results.

#1 Free Strategy Session

During the free strategy session, we will see if there is a match and we can meet your expectations. We always want to serve all our clients in the best possible way, and that foundation is laid during this no-obligation conversation.

#2 Objectives & Brand Positioning

The second step is to identify clear objectives for the social media strategy, this is accompanied by determining appropriate online brand positioning and, of course, platform selection.

#3 Market Analysis

During this phase, we conduct research on the demographic and psychographic data, interests, behaviors and preferences of the target audience. In fact, your online audience can be much broader. We also look at competitors and any gaps within the market that we can capitalize on.

#4 Content strategy

Content is the main means by which we reach the target audience. Consideration is given to what forms (video, photo, shorts, infographics, etc.) best address your customers’ content needs, where we will deploy ad campaigns, post frequency and strategic means.

#5 Analysis & Optimization

Each month we monitor and analyze the performance of the social media strategy using a comprehensive data report, so we can adjust the strategy as needed. This keeps him current and effective.

Contact us today and find out how content marketing can take your business to new heights. We have all the tools to make your brand shine and stand out. Together we build toward a successful content strategy!

What is the difference between a social media and content strategy?

The content strategy focuses only on the content and does not offer the strategic online opportunities by platform. We also pair you with the right creatives if necessary to make the content strategy a reality. Consider photographers, videographers or designers.